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Welcome to the 4th edition of Flanagan Music Online.

May 1, 2015

Dear Pastor, Church: Friends,

We want to say "Thank You Again" for your support in prayers and finances for the Flanagan Music Ministries. You keep us on the road. The Lord is so good and keeps us "hanging in there" with services, and revivals. We began April with an anniversary Sunday at Temple Baptist Church in Stamford with Brother and Mrs. Jessie Morton and family; and have just ended April with a "campmeeting" in Temple, TX at the Calvary Baptist Church with Brother Rick Reed and his wonderful family and church. We enjoyed once again the exciting preaching of Brother Welton (Red) Watson along with wonderful food, lots of fun and especially hearts and lives being touched and changed. The ladies and church honoured me, Nelda, with a beautiful birthday cake and party. The only party and first birthday cake I have ever had in 73 years. I was totally amazed and blessed by their wonderful thoughts and actions. Thanks again to you Ladies and also to all the "Happy Birthday" greetings on Facebook. Wonderful blessings. In addition to these meetings, our two oldest grandchildren, Johnathan and MiKala have been traveling some with us to add new life to our music ministry and the Lord has opened many doors for me to be allowed to speak to various ladies meetings and also give personal testimonies of His Goodness to us through our trials of last year. My Favorite Ministry! Thanks for all the opportunities. God's Word keeps us renewed with new lessons every day. We are still traveling every weekend. It is getting harder each month as John's health and heart weaken. The doctor gives him a good report even with the "A fib" and diabetes and more medicines each visit. Please keep him in your prayers. Our calendar is full through May and June. There is one opening in July and we are hoping to be able to go to Littlefield, TX, Albuquerque, NM and Santa Fe if John's health allows it. Visit our website at flanaganmusic.com. Check out the calendar for open dates that you might fill. Would love to see you all. We need your prayers for strength and power that we may "Go until we are Gone." Until then, we are Continuing in His Service.

Johnny and Nelda Flanagan

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