Nelda Brooks was born in Slaton, TX. She graduated high school in Slaton and then attended Draughons Business College, graduating with a degree in Business Administration and Accounting along with a certification from the Nancy Taylor Course in Beauty and Modeling. After graduation she worked as a receptionist and then Secretary to the Manager of Draughons Business College.Her next step was as a secretary in The Small Business Administration in Lubbock, TX, and from there into the law offices of George S. Lemon Jr., Gerdeman,& Smith and Harvey L. Morton, all in Slaton. During this time she met and married Johnny FLanagan. In 1965 she was born again at Twenty-fifth St Baptist Church in Lubbock, TX after being a lost church member for ten years. Johnny and Nelda began singing together in church, local rest homes, Chamber of Commerce meetings, and many area hootenannies, which were local family entertainment. In 1968 they recorded their first two single records and were joined
in their singing by their good friend and musician Morris Tyler, and wife, Bonnie. In 1971 the Country Gospel Singers recorded their first long-play album entitled Give Me a Song. The first of a total of 38 works to date.


Nelda Flanagan
Wife of Johnny Flanagan, Music Evangelist,
Gospel Music Country Style,
Whitesboro, TX

John and Nelda Flanagan

Creator, Coordinator, and Director of
The Heart of Beauty Ladies Ministries:
A Christian Growth ministry beginning in the heart
and working outward to others.

Nelda Flanagan

In the fall of that year their son Joel was born and in 1973 John, Nelda and Joel left the farm and entered a full-time gospel music ministry. In the last forty years they have traveled all over the United States, parts of Canada and Mexico. Nelda began a ladies ministry with her friend Vickie Morton of Stamford, TX in the early 1980s, with a heart to inspire Christian ladies to study more, to grow spiritually and to walk more circumspectly for their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. This ministry continued in various cities over Texas until 2009.
During that time in 1999 "Prayer Partners Around the World" came into being. (A sharing of prayer lists and prayers for each other) It began with ten partners and then over the years increased to twenty partners, including friends, missionaries and pastors wives. In 2008 The Heart of Beauty was brought into being as an internet ministry, a continuing effort to encourage Christian growth in Heart, Soul, Mind and Body based on the scripture:
Psalm 90:17 "...and let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it."
Beauty isn't skin deep. It goes all the way
to the heart.